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Robert McKenzie

Co-Founder/Chief Business Development Officer

With professional experience in market research, aviation, energy and public relations, Robert brings a wealth of business knowledge to Write Time. He has advance training in Public Relations/Writing from Humber College and Business/Management from Pearson International in the UK. With proven ability to provide critical business management analysis and forecast for the future, he always strives to provide sound business planning for emerging entrepreneurs to ensure they are prepared for many of the challenges they will face in their business and field of expertise.

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Randall Wickham

Co-Founder/Chief Communications Officer

Randall has over fifteen years of writing and editing experience and is a graduate of York University as a Communications and English double major. He has honed his craft as a business plan and technical writer working in public affairs, corporate business services and tax consulting environments. Alongside his passion for writing, Randall also enjoys helping entrepreneurs achieve their dreams and is well-versed in how to communicate and consult with clients from various backgrounds and industries.  His skills and work experience will be valuable to his directorial role with WTC, as he is very adept at gathering and recording vital information for clients.

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Allison Carroll

Director - Writing & Editing

Allison has been writing creatively ever since she could hold a pen. She pursued her passion academically by obtaining a Bachelor’s Degree in English Literature from Wilfrid Laurier University, and a certificate from the Writing For A Publication program at Mohawk College. A few years ago, she entered the world of business writing when she started freelancing for a friend’s consulting firm. Allison brings to the table her aptitude for critical and analytical thinking, and her exemplary writing and editing skills from her years of drafting business documents, résumés, and cover letters. She believes that all words hold power: to persuade, to comfort, or to delight. Her goal is to breathe life and beauty into every sentence she writes, both for her clients and in her literary pursuits.

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Mallery Hewitt

Director - Marketing & Design

Mallery is a marketing, advertising, and branding strategist with eight years’ experience. She is also honing her craft in graphic design and has an educational background in Marketing and Design. Mallery is passionate about developing a thorough plan for entrepreneurs, watching it unfold, and delights in seeing the positive results. By using an analytic approach, Mallery helps entrepreneurs align their goals with their resources to discover the hidden value of their business to enhance and sustain their marketability and message. This includes utilizing her skills to provide the necessary guidance that will help coach, motivate, encourage and support clients to keep pushing forward even when their business faces challenges and obstacles.

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Chantal Dos Santos

Senior Grant Funding Consultant

Chantal has over 5 years’ experience supporting entrepreneurs and small businesses through grant writing and the facilitation of strategic partnerships. With a background in Development Economics, she specializes in helping organizations navigate the complex funding environment by researching and identifying opportunities that align their business vision with the strategic priorities of public and private funders.